Woman walking her dogs turns to find convoy of farm animals tagging along

It’s wonderful living in a farm because of its natural beauty and peaceful environment. In addition to that, the farm has plenty of farm animals that you could try to befriend. Living a day in Scofflaw Farm at Tennessee might just definitely let you feel this kind of wonderful experience.

This is just another day in Scofflaw Farm

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Scofflaw Farm is home to several farm animals like chickens, ducks, goats, and even pigs. The owners of Scofflaw Farm also has two adorable dogs to keep them company.

One day, the owner decided to take her dogs out for a walk around the farm. As they went on their way to enjoy the fresh air outside the farm, a horde of ducks and chickens trailed behind them. The owner looked behind her only to see a pack of goats following them on the distance. This splendid sight is just another day for the owners and animals from Scofflaw Farm.

Everyone could be a Disney princess in this farm.

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Looking at the waddling ducks and chickens, followed by a group of goats behind the owner, it would just seem like she is a real-life Disney princess. The two dogs are even unbothered by their presence and freely lets them walk beside them.

Who knows how many more of these animals are there on the farm, waiting for their owner to take them all out for a walk? With these animals’ love and trust for their owner, it is understandable how they would follow her all the time.

This wholesome video deserves more views.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

The 27-second clip made its way on the internet after the owner of Scofflaw farm posted it on their YouTube channel. The clip was able to fish 1 million views ever since it was uploaded in 2016. Although, we could all agree that they deserve more recognition than this.

Their channel uploads videos about their daily adventures on the farm featuring their lovely pooches and their animal friends. With this wholesome kind of content, their channel is worth visiting. Here is another video being taken on the farm starring their dogs and their farm animals mingling with each other.

What’s happening at Scofflaw Farm.

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Scofflaw Farm is located at Cedar Hill, Tennessee. Aside from it being a wonderful home to humans and a lot of farm animals, it is also where the infamous internet pig mascot, Sir Francis Bacon, was born. Moreover, the owners of this farm implemented a no-kill policy in the farm, ensuring that these animals live the rest of their lives in a cruelty-free environment.

You could tell that the owners love their farm friends, as there is sufficient food, water, and shelter to cater to these animals. Aside from that, the farm has an accessible, wide, and clean pasture for them to explore whenever they want. It also serves a large interaction space for the animals.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

If you want to get a glimpse of this wonderful farm, make sure to drop by their YouTube channel and also their Facebook page. You would surely enjoy the countless videos and photographs that are taken from their farm. Do not forget to let others know about this wonderful story so they too could appreciate nature’s beauty.

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