Women gets off plane to find out that her dog was severely injured and abused with guns during flight

Story of a beleaguered pup

This story enraged animal lovers from all around the world and what he experienced is something no animal must go through. This is a Golden Retriever who was on a flight from Shanghai when this happened. The ever abysmal China Eastern Airlines flight was on its way to Wuhan when the dog got free from the cargo and then went missing.

It took at least two hours to find the dog and then when the dog was finally found, everyone was shocked. He was in a really bad shape and it was clear that he had been brutally tortured and beaten by the flight staff. It is hard to believe that people would actually willingly beat a dog so much in their right state of mind. The name of the dog is Er Mao who was later brought to a vet and treated for injuries as guns were used to torture the poor pup.

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