Worried Dogs Force Their Way Into Ambulance To Watch Over Their Wounded Dad

A man had fallen unconscious after hitting his head in an accident on the streets of Chimbote, Peru. His 2 dogs immediately alerted the locals for help and stood guard by their dad’s motionless body until the paramedics arrived.

Source: Seguridad Ciudadana Chimbote/Facebook

In this video, we see the 2 dogs’ unadulterated loyalty toward their dad. As the paramedics try to get the injured man in the ambulance, the dogs run behind them in a panicked state. The dogs force their way into the ambulance and beg the paramedics to save their dad’s life!

The paramedics had no option but the let the anxious dogs ride along. The dogs are later seen in the hospital beside the man’s bed. As the wounded man slips in and out of consciousness, the dogs comfort him with their love and assure him that they will remain by his side.

Source: Seguridad Ciudadana Chimbote/Facebook

The hospital staff later said that they usually don’t allow pets inside their premises, but made an exception for these incredibly loyal companions. Thankfully, their dad recovered and he was very proud of how his babies coped with the emergency situation. He’s a lucky man! Let’s spread the word about a dog’s pure love!

Click the video below to watch the worried dogs following their dad into the ambulance and the hospital!

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